Loose Lips Fridays

Front Room

Join us in the front room at Cafe 1001, where we now welcome Loose Lips residents and friends down to Cafe 1001 every Friday evening. Expect an eclectic selection of tunes to both soothe your soul and get you moving!

Loose Lips are a London-based collective, focused on promoting diversity. As well as throwing parties around the UK and Europe, they regularly release new compilation albums, mixes & artwork, whilst hosting a weekly radio show on Hoxton FM.

Having started in October 2014, they have grown to be an interesting addition to London’s music scene, known for representing a wide range of styles, showcasing connections between them and in doing so, bringing crowds together.

Podcast series –

Radio Shows –

Compilation Albums –


- Medallion Man

- T-Scale

- Rommek

- Silvestre

- Juggins

- DanBe