Shorts on Tap

Back Room

Enjoy a double bill of the finest short-docs. Reality Check Part 1 & 2 : a journey through documentary-making. Featuring the best works from the contemporary UK and international independent short doc scene.

"In feature films the director is God; in documentary films God is the director."
~Alfred Hitchcock

Tuesday 20 @ CAFE 1001, Brick Lane

FOOD FROM THE SKY (12.17) by Jai Ashar
MX.ENIGMA (07.31) by Je'Jae Daniels
FOR MY FRIENDS IN DETENTION (11.53) by Zebedee Parkes
THE WOMEN WHO WERE NEVER THERE (23.00) by Robynne Murphy
VAN GOGH'S DAUGHTER (03.26) by Erykah Del Mundo
CURANDERISMO (26.54) by Sam W. McFadden
STILL LIFE: PORTRAIT OF A FIGHTER (05.47) by Kieran Hennigan