Burlesque Evening

Back Room

A night of naughty, sexy, sultry, hilarious and fun Christmas Cabaret! Come along to be entertained your socks off by 14 talented performes! The variety of acts will be mind blowing, from intriguing Neo Burlesque Acts inspired by our most loved Christmas films to flirty Classical Burlesque numbers featuring the most faboulus costumes 💖💃

If you're a performer yourself it's a brilliant oppurtunity to network, be inspired and get involved!

Also while we are strpping off, there's too many people out there this winter desperate for some warm clothes and sleeping bags. Thus 5% of all ticket sales will go to Zero Degrees.

Zero Degrees Project

Zero Degrees is a not for profit community who have continuously been working hard to bring some warmth to people less fortunate in our communitiy. Also gives you the oppurtunity to enjoy a bit of naughtyness completely quilt free 😉💋