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1001 Presents Vanity Project (Loose FM) , Employee Of The Month (Voices) & DJelley

Vanity Project is back in the loft this May! We cannot wait – he always brings such a wondeful vibe to the space, with his sets spinning between Balearia, House, Funk and all that’s in between. He runs the DIY electronic label Claptrap, and every other Tuesday has his show on Loose FM, Memory Muscle, which is co-run alongside Employee Of The Month who also jumps up to the 1001 decks. With a monthly show on Voices Radio, Employee Of The Month is a super diverse DJ, who has recently worked with Subtle Radio and Mission London – excited to see what the two bring to the loft (if you were here at their last 1001 takeover back in November, you’ll recall how special it was). DJelley will also be jumping onto the booth for this one

Free tickets do not guarantee entry, when the venue hits capacity we are one in one out, so table bookings through the Cafe 1001 website are advised

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