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| Social Dis-Dance with Acuña

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Social Dis-Dance with Acuña

We welcome Acuña to 1001, the London based blog focuses club based electronic music, while also featuring interviews and mixes of upcoming and known DJs. For their session here, they’ll be bringing you the latest Lofi & Jazz infused house sounds.

Please only book one ticket and this will work for your whole group MAX 6 PEOPLE.

Book your table now. Cafe 1001 is only open for table bookings currently. GROUPS OF 6 MAX

With our newly modified outdoor bar, well-spaced benches and drinks offers all evening you really can’t go wrong.
Social Distancing rules still apply.

IMPORTANT: If anyone planning to attend has symptoms of Covid-19, no matter how mild, they should not come and stay at home.

There are a few rules regarding social distancing at Cafe 1001 which we have outlined below:

The outside bar will be open from 4pm – 10pm serving customers a range of drinks inc. cocktails.

We ask that people space each other out and to avoid contact with each other if from other households.

Aim to keep a 2m distance between groups – 1m when this is avoidable.

We encourage you to wear masks/gloves if you feel comfortable in doing so.

Staff will be wearing gloves and masks and we have protective counter screens so you can avoid contact.

There will be hand sanitiser available for customers inside and outside but only the lobby and outside terrace will be accessible.

Please do not wait at the bar in groups, designate one person to come to the bar and order for your group.

We want everyone to have a great day but please respect us, others and yourselves by sticking to the rules so we can organise more sociable events in the future.

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