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The David Bowie LP

Starting next year, we are launching a new event series. The LP (Listen Party, Long Player, get it
lol) insert artist’s name here. The idea behind this event is to play one musician’s
music all night long, exploring some of their best music, and also their worst
(if you hate it that is) and some more lesser-known cuts. These aren’t tribute
nights, think of them more as mini celebrations, of various musicians that we admire, some might be more well-known than others, and some you might not have a scooby to who they are, or you might.

First up we of course
have David Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust aka The Thin White Duke aka The Starman aka Aladdin Zane aka Lazarus aka Jareth aka Bernie. The man needs little to no introduction.

Come and join us on
the 10th of Jan what would be his 77th birthday from 19:00
until 23:00 where we will be playing Bowie all night long.

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