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Type One Community Christmas Social

After a huge launch week collaborating with DJ Mag, support from RA, Jyoty & more + a sold out launch party, Type One Community invites you to join their Christmas party at Café 1001! 

Type One Community is a space where everybody parties to make life with diabetes better. We are not just for individuals living life with diabetes, but also for people connected to somebody with diabetes, or wanting to be a part of a fun community. Everybody is welcome so the more the merrier.

This social is an informal hang-out to connect and chat over food, drinks and music. On offer is:

🍻 20% off on drinks (collect your wristband from Type One Community founders for discount at the bar)

🎧 Open Decks for DJs of all levels  (please DM @typeonecommunity on Instagram to arrange)

🍕 Banging pizzas available to purchase from Sleazy Pizza


We look forward to celebrating a T1D Christmas with you! See you there 🥂🎅

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