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Yanomami – Fundraiser

The Yanomami need our help!

The Yanomami are one of the largest indigenous groups in South America, with around 38,000 people distributed between Brazil and Venezuela on a territory twice the size of Switzerland.

During the 4 years of the extreme right-wing government by Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, the Yanomami were in constant danger due to governmental policies. Backed up by the Armed Forces, the government dismantled federal organizations devoted to protecting the Amazon and its indigenous inhabitants. With less control from the authorities, what followed was an invasion of illegal miners on several territories across the forest victimizing indigenous groups from several ethnicities. Mining is extremely dangerous to their health and the environment as mercury is dumped on the rivers causing serious intoxication and newborn malformation. The miners also bring diseases to the communities and there has been an increase in violence with armed conflicts in the area.

Bolsonaro’s government also diverted financial resources in favor of political supporters, leaving an estimated 10,000 Yanomami children without health assistance. In 2021, the Yanomami had the highest child mortality rate in the world.

Although indigenous leaders have been warning against this situation much earlier, this crisis gained media attention now with the change of government in Brazil. President Lula declared it a “public health emergency” as the communities are suffering from malaria, malnutrition, diarrhea and, especially, intoxication caused by mercury. Hospitals in the Amazon area have been flooded with indigenous patients and many are dying without basic health aid.

This is a clear genocide attempt and the situation is critical. We are fundraising for them so every help is welcome. All proceedings from our event will be sent to Hutukara, an organization formed by the Yanomami to defend their rights and run their projects.








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Music by:

Gerah (dublab Brazil) @gerah.jpeg
Lex Blondin (TRC) @lex_blondin
Plinio (Ondo Onda) @pliniomfferreira
Zuim (Bacana Radio) @pedrozuim

Screening by: Cine Brazil – 5pm

We will watch “The Last Forest” (2021), an incredible film documenting the life of the Yanomami community and their threatened natural environment in the Amazon forest

Directed by: Luiz Antônio Bolognesi – 1h 17m

Support by:

Cafe 1001 @cafe_1001
Cine Brazil @cine.brazil
Ondo Onda @ondo.onda.vibes
Total Refreshment Centre @totalrefreshmentcentre

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