CAFÉ 1001

| Liquor

Coffee & barbecue food by day, vinyl DJs and liquor by night

We have a vast selection of drinks at Cafe 1001 that range from craft ales to cocktails and everything in between. Our bespoke cocktail bar on the mezzanine is equipped with premium Japanese Whiskeys and popular Gins and we’re always updating the range. Join us Thursday & Friday for 2-4-1 cocktails between 5pm – 10pm.
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Enjoy your experience at 1001 with a private area.

Our areas can be booked all day from morning until night so just let us know what time and date and we'll take it from there.

We've got a range of food & drinks packages to help your night along so let us know if you require further information.

** Please note - Café 1001 bookings do not include entry to WERKHAUS events. **
Our on-site chefs work closely to create inspiring, diverse menu options to cater to your needs.

If you'd like to book an event at Café 1001 or are hosting an event in the Truman site we're able to cater to your needs and will tailor a menu to your requirements.

For all catering and event booking enquiries:
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